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Quality as a priority

To guarantee a good quality standard, João Pereira Guimarães Lda. has implemented ISO 9001. Now, more than ever, the quality of the products and the satisfaction of our clients are our main priorities.

Quality Policy

The client satisfaction is the main focus of João Pereira Guimarães Lda. We are certified with ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems – by SGS and our quality politic is based in four principles:
  1. Quality: producing good quality knitting, with good resistance and durability, that match the expectations of our clients, as well as all legal requirements. 
  2. Continuous improvement: we make progress one of our priorities. We want to keep improving in every aspect: in our internal processes, the capacities of our human resources and the quality of the materials and machinery. The goal is to keep growing and making our products competitive.
  3. Transparency: our basic guideline towards the client is the transparency of the information we share regarding the deadlines, materials, prices and quality.
  4. Deadlines: the respect of the timings and guidelines, as well as a quick response to all the contacts we receive, is one of our strongest points.
Política da Qualidade


João Pereira Guimarães Lda. wants to be a reference within the warp knitting sector. To achieve that, we aim to have the best products, in matter of quality, durability and design, always thinking about the commitment to our clients.


The main mission at João Pereira Guimarães is to serve its clients in the best way possible, giving them the best products and services.
In a social point of view, besides the respect towards our employees and the growth of the local employment, we want to have a big role on the change of perception that the population has of the textile industry. To do that, we are willing to open our doors to our community, making it possible for them to understand the art and the knowledge involved in this kind of industry, showing how it has changed and improved over the year.


Being fast and capable of reacting quickly to orders is, today more than ever, one of our big concerns. Controlling all the processes inside doors allows us to distribute the work according to the priorities and make a good management of the orders.
We never forget that the success of our clients is also our success. We try to make our relationships with other companies, beyond commercial, also a partnership.
The know-how acquired through more than fifty years of work mingles today with the willing to innovate and bring to our customers new solutions.
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